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We know how important a good mattress is. We also know how much the average mattress is marked up by the middle man. 

Our mission is to optimize the purchase process and pass the savings and convenience on to you. That's why we started this business.

We’re proudly Canadian


We believe that our fellow Canadians shouldn’t have to spend their valuable time shopping around at mattress and bedding stores to find the right bed.


We’ve developed a consumer friendly direct-order process to get all your bedding needs met right here, right now. Spend more time watching the hockey game and eating poutine - we got this!

Save money, save time


We’ve wasted our time in sketchy mattress stores dealing with greasy sales guys and paying marked up prices. We know all about that discomfort.


That’s the reason why we’ve value-engineered the bed and mattress shopping experience just for you. Skip the showrooms and high price tags - we’re passing the savings on to you.

Rest easy

Ready for a good night’s sleep? We work with Canadian based manufacturers and stock only the best quality, environmentally friendly, toxin-free products.


We guarantee the quality of our products. Order your perfect bed solution right here and get it shipped direct to you. Did we mention that we offer Low Rate shipping in Victoria or free pick up in store? That’s because we’re patriots and we know that things can get expensive up here in the North.  

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